Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cleaning your personal brushes in between washings!!!

If you're like me, you’re probably super worried about bacteria causing germies in your brushes right? OR when using your own personal brushes (be honest), you usually put that bad boy down and keep it movin, hoping you‘ll get back to it later? Either way I have the solution for you!!! Well, Alcone has the solution but anyhow ... its called 99 percent alcohol ! You've probably heard of it and if you haven’t, its totally not the same as the one you get in your local drugstore.

The solution is 99 percent alcohol and 1 percent water so, its strong enough to kill all the facial gremlins that chew on your brushes...uggggh! The regular solution is only 91 percent the all water. It evaporates quickly so your brushes are ready to go in seconds!!! I'll show the process of how I get down and dirty with my brushes in between cleanings… notice I said IN BETWEEN cleanings, this is not a replacement for caring for your brushes. You have to wash and condition your brushes when you have the time, YES even when there your own!!! Show your brushes some love baby and they’ll always be good to you xoxoxo

First- You have to spray kinda close so you can saturate the bristles …. I got this pink spray bottle from the dollar store!!!!!!! It came in a pack of two so now I always have back up! Score one for me, for super savings!!!!!!

Next- wipe on a piece of paper towel, until there is no more visible makeup on the sheet. You can blot the brush between the paper towel to see if there is anything left
 if not....

 Then you're all set!!!!!!!!
No more facial germies and your ready to use them again :) BYE!!!!!  xoxoxo

Friday, April 27, 2012

SWATCH ME! I will be swatching all my lipsticks, pencils and other things I can find in my makeup bag!!!!! This could take a while...

Hi Guys!!!! These are just a few of my ultimate favorite lipstick swatches from MAC (that will change by the end of next week…trust me). I put lip pencils along side each and drew graffiti all over my arm for ya’ll! Hope this is helpful, of course you can always match them with different pencils, it’s all about being fun, being creative and being you!!!!! XOXO

Each week, I will try to swatch everything I can get my hands on in my makeup kit!!!! This may take a while, I'm pretty sure. Maybe I should post how to organize and store your makeup using old candle jars and things found around the house, like tubberware and ziploc baggies (I can't live with out those) hmmmmm...


A perfect "Cat Eye" looks great on every eye shape but, sometimes hard to achieve if your like me with wobbly fingers!!!! Maybelline ’s new Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen allows you to get into those tiny corners, draw perfectly sharp edges and gives you the ability to execute a super fierce cat eye look .YAAYY!!!!! Maybelline for making sexy look so easy .

Limited Edition: The Crimson Amulet Palette by NYX inspired by the movie DARK SHADOWS in theaters May 11th 2012

Check out this new palette from NYX cosmetics! I have to say, that I’m usually just a huge fan of their jumbo pencils but, when I saw this I just had to share it!!! The Crimson Amulet Collection is a palette inspired by the up coming movie DARK SHADOWS which stars Johnny Depp (OH YES!), Helena Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is a LIMITED EDITION palette that has: 24 shades of dark sinister looking (and some neutral)eye shadows, 5 cheek blushers, an illuminator powder, 4 different shades of lip gloss, a high definition shadow base, a liquid eyeliner AND a mirror! This would make a awesome gift to anyone who is a fan and can’t wait (like me), for this sure to be fun and quirky movie in theaters MAY 11th WHOO HOO! Xoxoxox

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MAC Fashion Sets

Look how FAN-TABULOUS! A new collection from MAC cosmetics of color coordinated Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquers. They come in the most popular shades including my ultimate favorite SNOB and Russian red! Each set is regionally inspired from North America to Asia Pacific, Europe to Africa, and Latin America to the Middle East! Which regions best describe YOU? XOXOXO

Be True 2 You

Being honest and true to yourself will bring out more inner beauty than makeup could ever give. At the end of the day, you can wash off all the makeup and still love the person that is within. Xoxox

Going Au Naturale . . .

Most of the time celebrities tend to go for a “natural look”. This look is perfect for red-carpeted events to first date nights (which can be an event all in itself)! The look is done by using foundation and concealer targeting problem areas such as, under the eyes, forehead and cheeks to create flawless looking skin. Then the face is contoured to define and “slim down” the face and highlighted to enhance your beautiful features. Finish off with a nude lip-gloss and a coral blush. Super sexy!

Dreaming in PINK...

Hi Guys! Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog !!!!!!!!!!

I am totally inspired this week by the upcoming summer weather. With it getting warmer out , now is the time to play with colors! I did a little retail therapy at my local MAC store and purchased their satin lipstick "Snob"  I LOVE IT this color is super cute and its just the absolute perfect touch of pink for season.