Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best Friends

Although the weeked is over, I had a amazing time with my best friend in the whole world. Everyday life makes a beautiful memory :)

She made me wear the wig...

Having a best friend is probally the most rewarding thing life has to offer... Someone to share your thoughts with, who you can be yourself around and who understands every aspect of the craziness that is you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

True Blood and Fractures!

I have not blogged in a while. I’ve been sitting at home on my keester with not much to write about. I was in a car accident, were I managed to fracture my pelvis. So, while I’m working on getting better it means, I have nothing but time on my hands and yet still looking for something to do!!! I can't blog much if I’m sitting at home staring out of my apartment window:( So, when something good comes up I’ll be here first to keep you all posted!!!!

Now on to more awesomer things!( Can I make awesomer a word?)

Season 5 premieres Sunday June 10th @ 9pm

I attempted a vampire look, in tribute to my favorite TV series True Blood ( playing with makeup all day makes waiting a whole lot easier)… Only to find out that I was never meant to look “dead”- I looked up African American vampires for inspiration and the results led to images of Aaliyah in Queen of the Dammed (who came off more Egyptian deity then vampire), Laurent from Twilight and Eddie Murphy in Brooklyn! So, I had to put my own spin on it.

I came up with this look by using Urban Decays Black palette shadow Black Dog smoked out with the shade Jet and I used Vino lip liner from MAC to give my lips a “just bitten” stained look. As much as I love everything vampire-esque, I didn’t have a pair of fangs lying around. So, I figured if you want to go all out, throw on a pair, add some blood and your good to go!!! Season 5 premieres Sunday June 10th @ 9pm so naturally for an hour… I will be totally unreachable! "I compell you" to watch xoxoxo

Friday, May 25, 2012

The definition of ERIS and MAJOR randomness!!!

What defines ERIS ?

The word ERIS is derived from the goddess of discord. The ERIS chick embraces her feminine prowess and evokes her inner ROCK STAR. The look of Eris is inspired by EDITORIAL and FASHION genre and is strictly for those who are willing to go over the edge... I will be posting blogs/photos from my work done at fashion shows, editorial shoots and anything from the avant garde,to just the down right CRAZY!!!


OMG its a pair of TEDDY KICKS!!!!!

Cute and cuddly FEETIES!!!! These Adidas shoes are from the innovative fashion designer Jeremy Scott. If someone runs up and tries to hug your feet be careful not to kick em in the face >:3

Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Teddy Bear sneakers was worn by Lil Wayne at the BET's 106 and Park New Years Eve show for 2011. So, although these teddy bear kicks have been out for some time they are still quite the attention grabber. How can you seriously talk to someone wearing these without looking at their feet? lol

I am a avid collector of stuff animals, so you can bet I had to adore these shoes!!!!


Remember that to pursue your dreams you gotta move your feet!!!!

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Or, to the candy store to buy gummi bears...hey its your choice :)

Yess... nom nom nom

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My MAC wish list...

Hey Peoples!!!!

So, I have decided to take another trip to visit my beautiful sister and her husband in NYC!!! That’s always a blast and a half :) Most likely, I will end up at the MAC Pro store and I have a pretty long list of things I need, to re-fill my kit. I’ll make my list here so I don’t forget and kick myself later…


Blanc Type




Satin Taupe



Soft brown



Charcoal Brown

Swiss chocolate



Note: If you signed up with the MAC mailing list, you'll find a list like this one to fill your own PRO eyeshadow palette. I have tons of MAC shadows but, I can always use more (despite what some may say). I have one Carbon and I’ve had it FOREVER but, if I ran out I would have a panic attack soooo…I need about two or three :)

Milan Mode


Milan Mode


Pink Plaid

Please Me


Ruby Woo


MAC has so many shades of lipstick and lip glass I’m going to have to swatch when I get there and post the shades here later.


MAC Face and Body Foundation is great for any kit. It is a water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides long-lasting, natural coverage for face and/or body (Whew!!!). I can use this on any skin type!!!! It gives off a sheer, natural looking coverage and is excellent to blend which makes for easy color matching. On my list? Check…

I'll probably get a few blushes- Immortal Flower and Love Cloud and if my heads not spinning yet I can run out the door with my sanity!!!! These are all on the regular MAC site you don’t have to be a PRO member to get them so check it out :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heart Breaker Palette from Sugarpill !!!!!

With their never ending ability to attract us with awesomely pigmented colors, Sugarpill cosmetics bring us the HEART BREAKER palette. This luscious quad palette includes the colors: Acidberry a green chartreuse with golden yellow undertones, Velocity a dark vibrant royal blue with a matte finish, 2AM a gorgeous dark purple and Mochi a sea foamy beautiful aqua shadow. These are definitely to be rocked this summer!!!!

With colors like this how could you not be Addicted To Pretty?!

Sugarpill always makes products that make you just wanna eat em' nom nom ;*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's on your face?

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque-
The time you spend applying your makeup, you should double that to remove it!!! To effectively remove makeup from your pores, if you took an hour to put it on… take and hour or more to take it off!!!! Do: Use cotton balls and extra virgin olive oil to help remove eyeliner and even waterproof mascara. Do: Give yourself a nice facial (Oh c’mon you sooo deserve it). Do: Wash your face while singing Fireworks by Katy Perry …This is just for fun, I mean it’s just another reason to sing right?

Don't: Go to bed with makeup on…your feeding the bacteria that lives on your face…we don’t want that…we want them to starve…and go away.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Makeup Show in NYC !!!

At the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City 2012

This was my first year attending and I had a BLAST!!!! I had the opportunity to attend awesome seminars and meet amazing artists including the one and only Ve Neill !

Me, Ve Neill and my Rin Tin Tin hair flip!!!! It was about 1000 degrees and my hair was doing all sorts or crazy things!!!!
I was so star struck as always in the presence of a legend.

Among the many people I met and fell in love with was Sutan Amrull winner of Rupauls drag race and the artist behind Americas Next Top model. Antwon famed artist responsible for Wendy William’s fabulous-ness “HOW YOU DOIN”. Keynote speaker for Laura Mercier and celebrity makeup artist Matin. Kelly Budd and Ray Shaffer from Makeup Designory. AJ Crimson and so much more!!!!!

Its soooo hard to mention everyone that was at this event. I couldn't even begin to explain its MASSIVE-NESS!!!!!
Mehron blew me away with this amazing body art!

Makeup Forever doing their thing on the 2nd Floor loved it!!!!

Intense new colors from Mehron- Earth, Wind and Fire collection...I'm in love with this brand for coming up with an inexpensive, totally pigmented shadow palette...Amazing !

This sweet guy got to walk around in his boxers all day!!! Lucky him it was so hot in there I was ready to do the same...only I would get arrested.

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry - Thank You Christina, Kathleen and creepy FX Master Andy for being so welcoming and awesome !!!!

Makeup Designory's Ray Shaffer took the time to sit down with me and explain the concept of mold making. Ray was absolutely fantastic and such a wonderful person.

Makeup Designory's Kelly Budds awesome style brought my attention to the MUD stage!!



Looking foward to next year!

Throwin in the towel to much to talk about what a show....

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bdellium Tools Professional Antibacterial Brushes THEY'RE GREEN!!!!

Quick Note: While scanning through my Makeup Artist Magazine, I came across an ad by Bdellium tools for professional, eco-friendly, ANTIBACTERIAL brushes!!!!! These brushes are said to have synthetic bristles, which are animal cruelty free- The super cool handles are made from bamboo and…THEY'RE GREEN!!! The color is so fun- looking forward to snagging a few of these!!!!!


(See, I told you it would be quick :)

Working with model Crystal Nicole...

HI Guys !

I had the chance to fit in a quick makeup session with model Crystal Nicole, she was such a delight to work with and she is absolutely stunning!!! When you’re a makeup artist you gotta grab who you can, toss them in a comfy chair and go to town on their gorgeous faces.Whether your a newbie or a pro, practicing everyday never goes outta style!

Crystal loves anything fun and crazy, just check out the hair!!!! So, fun and crazy is what we did with her look. We had a lotta laughs and I made an Italian dinner that was "Gone In Sixty Seconds" I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her.

I used the Coastal Scents 88 palette on Crystal's beautiful mug. You definitely need to use the NYX Jumbo pencil in MILK or in this case, I used the Urban Decay primer potion in EDEN in order for these colors to show up well.

NARS oil-free Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer

MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 and Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation in Blush Ivory (This was use to lighten the foundation to give Crystal a perfect match to her skin tone)

BEN NYE Blush in Victoria Rose

SEPHORA Nectar Shine in Peach

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Good Bye Game By Chrisette Michele Inspired

Hi Guys!!!!
Today was definitely a sweatpants, T-shirt and no makeup kinda day...

I was about to hack into my third row of Oreos, when the music video for Good Bye Game by Chrisette Michele came on and it was sooo OFF TO THE BEAUTY CAVE!!!!!! The look she had was beautiful, I was totally inspired. Even though it was suppose to be a lazy, no makeup kind of day, we all know it never ends that way…

Urban Decay primer in EDEN
Inglot Freedom System: Eye Shadow Matte 329 LE27CE and Eye Shadow Amc Shine 11 LD12CB
( not sure if you needed all of that info but they don't really have names)
MAYBELLINE Eye Studio liner in Blackest Black -I am so glad I was able to get this product!!! It was always out of stock.
MAC Matchmaster ( I loveeee!) Foundation SPF 15
Lips: Lined with Vino MAC - Lipstick in the colour Brick MAC and Victoria Secret Beauty Rush clear lip gloss.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cleaning your personal brushes in between washings!!!

If you're like me, you’re probably super worried about bacteria causing germies in your brushes right? OR when using your own personal brushes (be honest), you usually put that bad boy down and keep it movin, hoping you‘ll get back to it later? Either way I have the solution for you!!! Well, Alcone has the solution but anyhow ... its called 99 percent alcohol ! You've probably heard of it and if you haven’t, its totally not the same as the one you get in your local drugstore.

The solution is 99 percent alcohol and 1 percent water so, its strong enough to kill all the facial gremlins that chew on your brushes...uggggh! The regular solution is only 91 percent the all water. It evaporates quickly so your brushes are ready to go in seconds!!! I'll show the process of how I get down and dirty with my brushes in between cleanings… notice I said IN BETWEEN cleanings, this is not a replacement for caring for your brushes. You have to wash and condition your brushes when you have the time, YES even when there your own!!! Show your brushes some love baby and they’ll always be good to you xoxoxo

First- You have to spray kinda close so you can saturate the bristles …. I got this pink spray bottle from the dollar store!!!!!!! It came in a pack of two so now I always have back up! Score one for me, for super savings!!!!!!

Next- wipe on a piece of paper towel, until there is no more visible makeup on the sheet. You can blot the brush between the paper towel to see if there is anything left
 if not....

 Then you're all set!!!!!!!!
No more facial germies and your ready to use them again :) BYE!!!!!  xoxoxo

Friday, April 27, 2012

SWATCH ME! I will be swatching all my lipsticks, pencils and other things I can find in my makeup bag!!!!! This could take a while...

Hi Guys!!!! These are just a few of my ultimate favorite lipstick swatches from MAC (that will change by the end of next week…trust me). I put lip pencils along side each and drew graffiti all over my arm for ya’ll! Hope this is helpful, of course you can always match them with different pencils, it’s all about being fun, being creative and being you!!!!! XOXO

Each week, I will try to swatch everything I can get my hands on in my makeup kit!!!! This may take a while, I'm pretty sure. Maybe I should post how to organize and store your makeup using old candle jars and things found around the house, like tubberware and ziploc baggies (I can't live with out those) hmmmmm...