Friday, May 25, 2012

The definition of ERIS and MAJOR randomness!!!

What defines ERIS ?

The word ERIS is derived from the goddess of discord. The ERIS chick embraces her feminine prowess and evokes her inner ROCK STAR. The look of Eris is inspired by EDITORIAL and FASHION genre and is strictly for those who are willing to go over the edge... I will be posting blogs/photos from my work done at fashion shows, editorial shoots and anything from the avant garde,to just the down right CRAZY!!!


OMG its a pair of TEDDY KICKS!!!!!

Cute and cuddly FEETIES!!!! These Adidas shoes are from the innovative fashion designer Jeremy Scott. If someone runs up and tries to hug your feet be careful not to kick em in the face >:3

Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Teddy Bear sneakers was worn by Lil Wayne at the BET's 106 and Park New Years Eve show for 2011. So, although these teddy bear kicks have been out for some time they are still quite the attention grabber. How can you seriously talk to someone wearing these without looking at their feet? lol

I am a avid collector of stuff animals, so you can bet I had to adore these shoes!!!!


Remember that to pursue your dreams you gotta move your feet!!!!

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Or, to the candy store to buy gummi bears...hey its your choice :)

Yess... nom nom nom

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